Tap a Jam

Tap a Jam

In Tap a Jam you have to tap on the keyboard the symbols on the screen

In Tap a Jam you have to tap on the keyboard the symbols that appear on the screen.
You have to follow the rythm of the music, dancing with your fingers, tapping on the keyboard movement keys.

Using the beatbox feature you can record your own music to use it later to play the game with it.

As the music plays, you will see arrow symbols coded by color coming from the right towards the left, with arrows up, down, left or right. You´ll have to press the corresponding cursor key when that symbols cross the blue line on the left.

At the end of each track, you will be presented with the statistics of your performance. If it´s better than the previous performances, your high score will be anotated. You can then retry the level to enhance your score, challenge a friend or return to the main menu.

The use of the Beatbox is very simple. You can load an already saved piece of music, pressing over the "Load" button, and then choosing some .ogg file from your drives. You can record your own music using your keyboard like a piano, pressing the "Record" key to start recording, "Stop" to stop recording and "Play" to check the recorded music.

You can save the result when you´re satisfied, to use it later in the game.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • If you like to spend hours in the video games shops, jumping to follow the on screen symbols, this is an alternative to go on with that at home


  • Rather boring
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